Get up to $20,000 in deferred free financing to get your house market ready. Pay us back when your home is sold!


Homeownership is a great investment tool for your future. Whether you have grown out of your current space, want to move to a new neighborhood, want to downsize, are being transferred, or you just want a new space, it is important to us to fully understand your motivations and goals for selling your current property. This will enable us to be able to better assist you in understanding how your property works as an investment tool, and how to “play the game” of home ownership.


Our goal in serving our seller client(s) is to obtain the highest dollar amount for your property in the shortest time. We aim to ensure that our client’s financial investment is protected within the constraints of the current market.


Finally our construction background allows our team to offer all our clients a confidential market action plan that helps the homeowner move up the "comp ladder".



Receive up to thousands in a gift card at settlement  from us to towards any work you want done in your new home!  Use the gift card to paint, install the perfect back splash, new flooring...the options are endless.


We are so excited that you are taking the first step to learning more about how we can help you with purchasing your home, whether its your first place or next place. We believe strongly that one of the best investments you can make in your financial future is through home ownership.  As a home buyer, this is the BIGGEST purchase you most likely will make in your lifetime. And as homeowners ourselves, we empathize with how daunting an experience this can be, but by placing your trust in us we will guide you throughout the process. We will share with you how real estate can work as an investment for your future. We will help you become educated consumers.  We will always put your best interest first and foremost. When working with buyer clients, our goal is to help you feel confident you made the right decision in the property you purchased, that we protected your hard earned money to the best of our ability and ultimately that you feel empowered.



We can help you renovate before selling or turn the home you can afford into your dream home.


This Month In Real Estate

Understanding the Buyer

Mortgage Calculator




Knowing what buyers are looking for will help you compete in a seller’s market.

As the seller, you can control three factors that will affect the sale of your home:


The home’s condition

Asking price

Marketing strategy ...



This Month in Real Estate is a monthly news series that offers an inside look at the national real estate market. Each edition provides a snapshot of the numbers and trends that drive the real estate market, as well as expert opinion and analysis. For information on your local real estate conditions, please contact your Keller Williams agent.

Use our home loan calculator to estimate your mortgage payment, with taxes and insurance. Simply enter the price of the home, your down payment, and details about the home loan to calculate your mortgage payment breakdown, schedule, and more.






  • KREstates Mission Statement

    At KR Estates we provide an elite level of service to all our clients. We bring value to sellers so they can sell their property for top dollar.  We help buyers move into their dream home or turn the home they can afford into their dream home.  Our goal is to build and maintain lifelong relationships.








  • About Kevin Richards

    For 17 plus years I have perfected my craft of home building and leveraged it into the superior home building and remodeling business of KR Construction many have grown to trust for their dream projects.


    My name is Kevin Richards and my passion for building grew into my profession.  I understand that my value is greater since I learned EVERY ASPECT of the home building trades.  So I devour information about plumbing, electrical, heating/cooling, interior and exterior design, kitchen and bathroom creation, and outside living spaces.   I am a Class A VA. General Contractor and know what is required to build with superior quality.


    In addition, I have surrounded myself with a workforce and a network of skilled subcontractors who are obsessed with attention to detail and creating a jobsite where you can be at peace knowing that your project will be completed on time, within budget, and in a way that surpasses your dreams. I’ve taken all my construction knowledge and passion and now have combined it with a passion for Real Estate as well. Together these items really go hand in hand and make me vastly different than the average Realtor on your street!


    What sets me apart:


    ◆ IMPECCABLE REFERENCES – Check me out!  We will both be glad you did!

    ◆ A WORKFORCE AND SUBCONTRACTORS who respect me and are as committed to the superiority of every project as I am.

    ◆ EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION SKILLS- you need to know that as the supervisor on every job or as your Realtor, I have listened carefully to all your desires and that your vision has been clearly communicated to both myself and our entire team.

    ◆ AN EYE FOR DESIGN AND QUALITY WORK.  "Good enough” is the enemy of excellence and I strive for excellence in everything I am associated with.

    If you are looking for this type of Realtor either as a connection or as your home improvement contractor, LET’S CONNECT!


Kevin Richards

14399 Penrose Pl #300,

Chantilly, VA 20151


Phone: 571-888-2210


At The Corner of  Renovation  & Real Estate


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